Austin’s senior photos

This past weekend, my step-son Austin came up to visit and have his senior photos redone.

The original session fell victim to a hard drive failure a few months ago. So with the school year ending and graduation cards needing to be printed, time is of the essence get these photos retaken.

This was actually the second set of photos we did in the retake. The first set was around his dad’s home in southern Indiana; a trip that took me to the Tulip Trestle. For this series, we did the photos around the Indianapolis area to give him some different images from his classmates.

Ready for the next chapter in his life.
Ready for the next chapter in his life.

Austin is starting his undergraduate career at Ivy Tech Community College. He plans to work on his core classes while he figures out what it is he wants to major in. At this juncture, the big question is which campus will he take classes at?

When in Indy, you've got to visit the canal.
When in Indy, you’ve got to visit the canal.

It’s an exciting time for this young man. In a few weeks, he will be graduating high school and, soon thereafter, celebrating a birthday.

In the couple of years I have known this young man, it’s been fun getting to know him. (Well…maybe except for a couple of moments while teaching him to drive!)

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