First Friday Gallery Show

2015 09 30 17 41 07

This past Friday, I was blessed enough to be one of several photographers participating in the Indy Meetup Photo Club’s annual gallery show at the Indiana Landmarks Center in downtown Indianapolis. The theme for this year’s show is “Historic Indiana…It’s Many Faces.”

I ended up displaying a total of 12 images ranging from a historic church just outside of downtown Indianapolis to some famous faces from previous Indianapolis 500 races. It was interesting to see how the other photographers took on this theme.

Last Wednesday was the hanging of the artwork. My Creative Director, Laura, helped get all of the images on the wall space. (The opening image is from the Eric Scott Miller Photography Instagram feed.)

Of course, I got my photo snapped during the night, too.

2015 09 30 17 42 19

Laura and I left the gallery on Wednesday and I immediately felt a sense of relief as we left the Landmarks Center. The light breeze took the stress of the show preparation and blew it off my shoulders. All that was left to do was to see how the overall show—and, of course, my images—would be received by those attending the First Friday show.

Thankfully it was quite a success. There was a steady stream of people coming into the Landmarks’ Rapp Gallery looking at and discussing the images on display from the various photographers. It was great to see the work of other photographers, as well.

Of course, I couldn’t let the night get away without a photo of me with 11 of my 12 images on display. (Number 12 was filling a gap in another portion of the gallery.)

2015 10 02 19 06 46

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