Hey…We Missed a Day!

Leap Day.

Such an odd day. Put in place to try and balance out the inaccuracies inherent in the Gregorian calendar system. A four-year reset switch, if you will.

The rare occurrence doesn’t keep everyday events from taking place. Birthdays for example.

Author and speaker Tony Robbins was born on February 29. So was one of my stepdaughter’s friends.

Weddings can also take place on Leap Day. Such as that of Laurie and I. Yes, the calendar had turned over to March twice since we said our vows. However, we have yet to technically celebrate our first anniversary. That won’t happen until 2020!

Unique Is Good

No, that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate our anniversary. Quite the opposite. For three years, we celebrate it on two days—February 28th and March 1st. Then, every four years, we get three days to party it up—February 28, 29, and March 1. Why? Because that’s how we choose to roll.

I know; it’s different and it’s unique. But you know what? So are we!

Why else would we write our own vows that incorporated The Walking Dead and Doctor Who if we weren’t unique individuals? Why would we gamble and plan for an outdoor wedding in February on the downtown Indianapolis canal if we wanted to be like everyone else?

The gamble paid off two years ago. (Photo by Mike Rickert)
The gamble paid off two years ago. (Photo by Mike Rickert)

We acknowledge our relationship is different. We know that some people may look at us and say, “they aren’t right.” (I accept full responsibility for that part of the equation.) But it is our differences and our uniqueness that makes us work so well together.

Yes, we're a little crazy at times.
Yes, we’re a little crazy at times.

Why be like everyone else? Why hide who we truly are from each other and those around us? Why not enjoy life and let the world know how much we love each other? And in the quiet moments of a noisy world, we rest in each other’s strength.

At peace together.
At peace together.

We’ve always been an odd couple. When we first met, Laurie came to my apartment and asked where I kept the step-stool. I’ve never owned a step-stool in my life. The next time she came to visit, she brought one over as a “housewarming” gift. Why? Because I kept my dishes and kitchen supplies in the upper cabinets. She kept hers in the lower ones under the counter. It takes a 14-inch step-stool for us to see things eye-to-eye. I love it. And I love her. Completely.


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