December 8, 2014 
Cathedral High School at Ben Davis High School
freshman boys’ basketball

DSC 7321

ESM 9369

DSC 7331

ESM 9385


December 9, 2014 
Carmel High School at Westfield High School
freshman girls’ basketball

DSC 7514

DSC 7530


DSC 7531


December 9, 2014 
Carmel High School at Westfield High School
junior varsity girls’ basketball

ESM 9764


December 9, 2014 
Carmel High School at Westfield High School
varsity girls’ basketball

ESM 9900


ESM 9933


ESM 9959

November 24, 2014 
Carmel High School at Pike High School
freshman boys’ basketball

DSC 3038

DSC 3042

ESM 5810

DSC 3082

DSC 3090

DSC 3197

DSC 3209


November 25, 2014
North Central High School at Anderson High School
junior varsity girls’ basketball

ESM 6039

DSC 3327

DSC 3327

DSC 3332

ESM 6111

ESM 6134

DSC 3399

DSC 3405

ESM 6325


November 25, 2014 
North Central High School at Anderson High School
varsity girls’ basketball

ESM 6333

DSC 3498

DSC 3498

DSC 3512

DSC 3550

ESM 6576

DSC 3635

As 2014 winds to an end in a handful of weeks, it is the time when people begin to look for a new calendar for the new year.

We have designed three 2015 calendars for you to download and print at home or the office. Below are thumbnails of each of the three designs. All you need to do is click on the thumbnail to download a print-ready PDF file.

  1. Yellow bird drinking water2015_bird_calendar
  2. Lighthouse at sunset2015_lighthouse_calendar
  3. Grand Prix race cars2015_race_car_calendar

Last week, I got tickets to the first Indiana University basketball scrimmage of the year against the Northwood Timberwolves. It was my first time back to Assembly Hall in many years. Of course, I had to bring the camera along. Although the Hurryin’ Hoosiers tested my cardiac fitness during a close first half, Coach Crean must have said something good at halftime to fire up the young squad and get them back in form during the second half.

Here are a few shots I walked away with from the stands.









As you may have noticed, this year has brought several changes to the Eric Scott Miller site. The latest change is the redesigned blog. It ties in a unified color scheme  with the rest of the site and changes quite a bit on the backend. (No, I won’t bore you with all of the technical details.)

What this means, though, is it will be easier for me to maintain and (hopefully) publish more blog posts around here.

I wish I knew where I first saw this Top Ten list, but I failed to capture that information. If anyone has seen this before and can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it so I can provide attribution to the author.

10. You can actually tell what kind of camera someone is using from over 30 feet away.

9. You have tried to claim “Photoshop” as a medical expense because it’s good therapy.

8. When planning a vacation, your main concern is finding a hotel that offers wifi so you’ll be able to upload your photos to the web, daily.

7. You own more than one camera bag even though you only have one camera.

6. You refer to cleaning up after dinner as “post-processing the kitchen.”

5. You can’t remember the date of your best friend’s birthday, but you know all the specs of your camera and lenses by heart.

4. When attending a wedding, you are more interested in what the photographer is doing than what the bride and groom are doing.

3. When you see a photo of a model, you find yourself more interested in what lighting was used and how much processing may have been done.

2. You understand that 22 is actually smaller than 5.6

1. When gazing upon a beautiful landscape you think to yourself, “That’s lovely, but it could use just a bit more saturation!”

Toastmasters International color logo

I did it!!!

Back in December, I had set an informal “goal” of completing my Competent Communicator manual of ten speeches completed by June 30th of this year. Earlier this year, I wondered if I would be able to make it happen given our club’s size and getting a speaking opportunity about once every two months. But thanks to a couple of fill-in speeches I’ve been able to present this spring, I was able to give my tenth and final speech of the manual this morning.

I chose to give my inspirational speech to encourage members to hold me accountable to three goals I have for the remainder of the year and to encourage them to set their own goals for the remainder of 2014.