What a way to spend a Monday afternoon!

Avon High School faced off against Brownsburg High School in a freshman football showdown. It was sunny, a light breeze was blowing, and the temperature was just about perfect for this photographer. The freshman put on quite a show for the fans in attendance. 

Here is some of the first half action from the game.

20150914 ESM 4980

20150914 ESM 4998

20150914 ESM 5006

20150914 ESM 5023

20150914 ESM 5052

20150914 ESM 5100

To see the entire gallery from the game, visit Varsity Views.

Another hot and humid day in Central Indiana. At least there was a breeze blowing across the soccer field as the North Central Panthers visited Avon High School for a freshman soccer matchup. At halftime, the visiting Panthers were leading 1–0. At that point, I had filled my memory card with images and was ready to head back to the air-conditioned editing bay.

It was a successful day with many great photos to share with you:

20150908 ESM 4519

20150908 ESM 4532

20150908 ESM 4630

20150908 ESM 4666

20150908 ESM 4703

20150908 ESM 4778

20150908 ESM 4803

20150908 ESM 4804

20150908 ESM 4830

20150908 ESM 4840

20150908 ESM 4857

20150908 ESM 4886

20150908 ESM 4893

20150908 ESM 4918

To see the entire gallery from the match, visit Varsity Views.