One of my favorite concert venues in Indianapolis is 8 Seconds Saloon on the city’s west side. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside—it truly reminds me of an old skating rink—but inside…well, that’s a different story. 

Flashback to June 14, 2013. Country music star Phil Vassar rocked the house with one of the most high-energy, non-stop entertainment performances I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I was glad that I brought my camera and was able to capture some fantastic memories from the evening’s show.

20130614 ESM 2730

20130614 ESM 2741

20130614 ESM 2748

20130614 ESM 2763

20130614 ESM 2781

20130614 ESM 2811

20130614 ESM 2847

20130614 ESM 2904

20130614 ESM 2906

20130614 ESM 2926

20130614 ESM 2953

Wow! I’m dragging a bit today.

Last night, I had the opportunity to photograph Sixpence None the Richer at Indianapolis’  White Rabbit Cabaret. The Cabaret is a great venue to get close to the performance area (there isn’t a true, elevated stage) and to enjoy an intimate concert setting. 

I enjoyed listening to the soulful vocals of Leigh Nash as she was supported by the other band members; Matt Slocum on guitar, Justin Cary on bass, and Rob Mitchell on drums.

20130123 ESM 8825

20130123 ESM 8830

20130123 ESM 8836

20130123 ESM 8862

20130123 ESM 8879

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