Tales of barbed wire and precipitation

Three days of rain in central Indiana the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon made for a particularly wet course for the 2018 Warrior Dash held at the Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville this morning. 

This was the second consecutive week of photographing an obstacle-based mud race and this was quite the contrast to last week’s sun-soaked race which left me sunburnt. I spent the day covered head-to-toe sitting under an umbrella with my camera gear covered in rain gear hoping to keep it protected from rain and mud.

My task for the client was to photograph the Muddy Mayhem obstacle. This is water-filled pit with barbed wire running across the top of it. Participants slide into the pit and are supposed to belly crawl under the wire to the other side. With the additional rain, the pit was getting too full of muddy water and a pump had to be brought in and activated multiple times to lower the water levels to safe levels for the athletes.

I didn’t get the opportunity to do as much photography for myself this week due to the weather conditions, but did get a couple of images in before the competitors took to the course.

20180908 DSC 2218 social

20180908 DSC 1995 social

20180908 DSC 2178 social

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