“The Power of Print”

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To those who know me, it is no surprise I love print communication. I have enjoyed writing as far back as I can recall. In high school, I became involved in my school’s journalism program. In college, I majored in photojournalism and worked for the campus newspaper. After graduation, I worked for newspapers and—for the past 15 years—a major publishing firm.

Every time I have moved, a good portion of my possessions have included numerous boxes of books. Photography books. Fiction books. Business books. Coffee table books. Computer reference books. Children’s books. (Get the picture???)

I have always loved the library and have appreciated the power of the printed word to express emotion, thoughts, and creativity. So it was an easy decision for me to focus on it for my ninth speech in the path to Competent Communicator status, Persuade with Power.

In this era of electronic reading devices, it pains me to watch my three children long for their precious Amazon Kindles when their room contains a bookcase full of books to read. So I hoped to persuade my fellow Toastmasters to read more and to encourage their children and grandchildren to read more.

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