Varsity Soccer — New Palestine at Center Grove

Monday night, the varsity squads for the Center Grove Trojans and the New Palestine Dragons faced off of the soccer field.

The Trojans came out with a fury, scoring 13 seconds into the game. It would remain 1–0 for the balance of the first half.

History would repeat itself as Center Grove struck again in the first minute of the second half to take the score to 2–0, which ended up being the final score of the contest.

Here are some selections from the first half of the game.

20150922 ESM 6475

20150922 ESM 6499

20150922 ESM 6506

20150922 ESM 6523

20150922 ESM 6531

20150922 ESM 6558

20150922 ESM 6669

20150922 ESM 6671

20150922 ESM 6715

20150922 ESM 6722

20150922 ESM 6729

To see the entire gallery from the game, visit Varsity Views.

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