Why don’t they yell “fore” anymore?

Gold isn’t a sport I have covered a lot of for the newspaper over the years. But this season has had me on the links a few times.

Tonight, it was so hot and humid out there that fanning myself with my reporter’s notebook to try and create a breeze created waves!

But one thing I noticed is the ladies on the course weren’t yelling “fore!” When they were teeing off. That got me to wondering, when did this part of the golf game change from what I have grown up seeing on television and in the movies?

I should have asked that of the coach after the contest. Maybe I’ll save that for my next assignment on the front nine late next week. Until then, enjoy some of the photos from the course. 

20180904 DSC 1751 social

   20180904 DSC 1767 social

   20180904 DSC 1774 social

   20180904 DSC 1787 social

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